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Over the years, we have sat on both sides of the conference room table, as consultants and as buyers
of design services. We know how hard it can be to find a good fit for your existing team.

Years ago we were corporate managers charged with developing new products, occasionally requiring buying and managing design services.  We worked with several design and engineering firms, larger and smaller.  Many more knocked on the door and gave their pitch. Every now and then, we’d actually see the person who would do the work. We saw what worked and what did not.

A good fit was critical, and we took time to qualify vendors, looking for people skills and easy communication that makes a project run more smoothly.

In the 1990’s we became the design team that we wished we could have hired: Experienced, flexible, customer-focused. We’ve been working together successfully for many years, for new and
established companies. 
We understand our role in the greater context, how to ask questions and how to start by listening. Through years of experience, we know how to get an early focus and cut to the chase, leaving schedule time for critical details. We understand economy and efficiency of effort. We play well with others.

Why experienced managers choose Form and Function, Inc. for product development:

1. Direct contact with the designer/project leader from day one. Layers of management may be necessary in large organizations, but to focus and move quickly, small is beautiful. With some design/engineering firms, a sales team or a business manager may be your first contact. Here, design professionals meet with you and do the work. We believe in short lines of communication with hands-on team members.

2. Only experienced designers and engineers.  This is not about on-the-job training. Highly qualified, experienced professionals perform every key task, ensuring that our skills are literally at your service. We have only an “A” team. We bring flexibility with experience, not formulas.

3. Timely delivery. We make schedule. We hit the target. We’ve done it many times before, and can help you reach your goals the same way. Your job is custom, special. It will be tailored to your needs, your company, your goals, and your customer.

4. Flexibility. By having a flex-team approach, we are only what you need, when you need it. Low overhead means we can be fast and nimble. We are often required to provide outside support services, so your need, not ours, is paramount. We provide additional support through qualified outside vendors of proven quality, to help you source what you need to be successful.

5. A tailored, inclusive development process.  You don’t need a black box from which disconnected ideas spring. We gladly include your staff in the design process to the extent that it helps you. We are designers, engineers, as well as educators. We share what we know, what we do, and how we do it. It’s in our interest as well as yours to help your staff become a more capable partner in development.