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Case Study:
Gentle Waves hand-held skin therapy device.

Light Bioscience, LLC, Virginia Beach, VA
Design by Sam Harris and Jim Heberling

This project required downsizing the technology being used in an expensive desktop unit used in a medical office, fitting it to the hand of a person needing light therapy to treat skin conditions.

The majority of the design development involved looking at like objects and testing models for how they felt in the hand, and whether the required hand positions were comfortable. Here we see a few of the many study models we made and tested. The idea evolved toward a hand brush form, with an LED array where the brush head would be. We believed that a familiar form would be more readily accepted and understood. A button was required to turn the unit on and off. It was decided to tether an AC cord to the handle with an over-molded strain relief.

Color options were explored and CAD illustrations demonstrated the look, to help our client attract investors and to better analyze downstream costs.

Eventually, 3-D solids CAD models were built and used to construct prototypes for test.

Below, the final form after the engineering cycle placed all components, wall thicknesses, and fasteners.

upper left: CAD illustration by Gray Gunter
3-d models @ bottom by Jim Heberling
study models by Sam Harris

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