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Case Study:
The Bridge Device Bridgetech Medical, Alpharetta, GA.
Designed by Sam Harris and Jim Heberling

This medical software company called us to say they were ready to make their first hardware product, a ventilator-mounted monitor and data compiler called The Bridge.

We began by negotiating with circuit designers for the pcb area, exploring forms to influence personality and apparent volume. Color studies, detail features, and a connector plan began in background.

Client requirements for unobtrusive presence in the patient area, along with our management of the footprint, drove the pcb to a smaller size. The circuit became better defined, and the enclosure layout was chosen. Supported by drawings, models, and CAD layouts, the client went into final prototype with full confidence.

SolidWorks® 3D models test final appearance and fit of the assembly.

Below, two PMS spec color painted prototypes were ordered to make final color selection and a pad printed company logo completed the design.

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