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Case Study:
Defining a new technology
Coaxmedia Sand Dollar MDU cable modem

Design by Lionel Gillespie and
Sam Harris Engineering by Jim Heberling

Coaxmedia was a startup company in search of a product identity to deliver a new technology. They were able to secure patents for their device’s ability to manage cable modems in large groups, for multiple dwelling units, i.e. apartments and hotels

We needed to resolve two fundamental needs, one physical and one emotional, defining the device’s unique character. It had to be out of the way when the room was being cleaned, even on the floor, the wall, who knows? That suggested a flattened disk form. To this we married an X, symbolizing a junction or joining of the user’s computer with the web. Their child was dubbed the sand dollar.

The initial goal was to make a concept rendering to attract new capital investors.

The second phase refined the definition and user interface. Over time, the product interface was refined from a “lump in the cable” approach to a much more user friendly LED array, first on top, then behind a front window. The customer’s inability to afford complete integration of the circuits meant the size had to grow. Scale became a challenge.

Third phase was to prepare the unit for production. As always we worked closely with pcb designers and the tooler and molder to ensure smooth assembly.

Lastly, we developed an aluminum mounting bracket assembly and a package, including color graphics.

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